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Невеста Деймоса: Улыбка орхидеи
Невеста Деймоса: Улыбка орхидеи
Trapped in a dark abyss, the once-beautiful Venus is rotting in her own despair. Unhappy with her fate, she calls on her twin brother Deimos to find her a new body. Meanwhile, Minako Ifu is in a predicament, as her friend Hisamatsu has gone missing while searching for a master orchid grower. On her way to locate him, she encounters Deimos—who declares that she will become his bride and return to the underworld with him. Fleeing in disgust, Minako discovers the house her friend was pursuing and meets the endearing siblings Touko and Kaname Ooba. However, the situation is not as it seems, and Minako quickly becomes entangled in a nefarious affair—all while being followed by the charming Deimos.
Другие названия: Невеста Деймоса - Улыбка орхидеи
Жанр: Демоны, Детектив, Драма, Психологическое, Сверхъестественное, Сёдзё, Ужасы, Фэнтези
Статус: Завершено
Год: 1988
Оригинальное название: Deimos no Hanayome: Ran no Kumikyoku
Всего эпизодов: 1
Shikimori рейтинг: 5.65